Chinese Medicine is a 2,500 year old system deeply rooted in the healing powers of the natural world, which has an efficacy that has stood the test of time.  It is a safe and drug free way to treat many conditions, and utilizes such techniques as acupuncture, herbal medicine, cupping, gua sha, bodywork, and dietary therapy, tailored to each patient based the nature of the specific issue.  Chinese medicine, specifically acupuncture and herbal therapy, has been used for thousands of years to treat common issues such as (but not limited to) chronic pain, sports injuries, repetitive strain, digestive distress, headaches, women's issues, allergies, respiratory problems, poor circulation, and emotional issues. 

I began my personal journey with Chinese Medicine over 15 years ago, turning to acupuncture for the treatment of migraines when modern medicine had failed.  Inspired and in awe of the effectiveness of Chinese medicine, I left the corporate world to train at Tri State College of Acupuncture in New York City.  There I learned four styles of acupuncture from master practitioners which included Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Kiiko Matsumoto Japanese Acupuncture (KM), Acupuncture Physical Medicine (APM), and Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM).  The diversity of my training gives me different strategies for addressing the wide range of issues that my patients are dealing with.

I continue my education under the mentorship of Timothy Aitkin and Justin Erlich, master practitioners in the Jade Purity school of Jeffrey Yuen.  I strive to make Chinese medicine accessible to those who need it, most recently completing a medical service mission to Nepal.

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 


Acupuncture is the process of inserting and manipulating fine sterilized needles into specific points on the body to heal acute and chronic health issues.


Chinese herbal medicine utilizes natural plant, animal and mineral derived substances in specific combinations to heal deep, internal pathologies.  


Cupping is the process of using suction cups to move blood stagnation in the body that may be causing pain or tension.  This can show up in the muscles as physical pain, or in the organs as a decrease in function.  Cupping helps by detoxifying an area and bringing in new blood flow to repair.


Food can be used as medicine, and dietary therapy is the process of assessing the current dietary intake of a patient and seeing where there are gaps in essential foods, spices, or thermic nature of food intake.


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